Automate Your WooCommerce Website’s User Registration System

User Registration for WooCommerce gives you the power to create multiple custom and multi-step forms and add more than 25 custom registration fields using an advanced form builder perfected for lead capturing and B2B user registration.
User Registration

The Ultimate Solution For Lead Capturing & B2B User Registration.

User Registration for WooCommerce puts your wholesale store’s registration and lead capturing system on cruise control. You can optimize your wholesale registration system to simplify B2B and wholesale customer registration.
user registration

User Registration & Lead Capturing is now More Easier!


Fully Responsive Design View

Advanced Registration Form for WooCommerce automatically adjusts to different screen sizes.

Auto-Approve Registration Requests

Register wholesale customers automatically. Sign up users and auto-approve their requests.

Customize Input or Extra Fields

Help Text, Placeholder, Label, Name, Value, and Max Length are available for each field.

Advanced Form Builder

Drag-and-drop functionality for lists, autocomplete, checkboxes, and other selectable elements.

Custom CSS Option

Customize your wholesale registration form with CSS and a stylesheet.

Easy-to-Use Shortcode

Use a shortcode to embed your wholesale lead registration form. No coding is needed.

Capture Leads Automatically

The form collects client data and sends requests through an approval process.

Display Custom Fields on the Registration

Display custom fields on the Registration, My Account & Checkout page.

Email Notifications

Email notifications for admin and users about registration requests and status updates.

Include or Exclude User Roles

Include or Exclude User Roles from dropdown; selected roles will be auto-approved.

Display Custom Messages

Set a custom message for new accounts created on role approval.

Override WooCommerce’s Default Registration Form

Option to override WooCommerce’s default registration form.

Multiple Custom Forms

Create multiple custom forms for different customer types.

Multi-Step Forms

Break down single-page forms into segments and sections.

Dropbox Integration

Connect the extension with Dropbox and store information sent by users.

ReCaptcha Option on User Registration Forms

Improve security by showing ReCaptcha option on user registration forms.


User Registration for WooCommerce

Single Site

What's Included

1-year extension updates

1-year support

30-day money-back guarantee


Billed Annually


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